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Vassos Law LLP is the most well equipped Full-Service Law Firm in Ontario to handle all of your Cannabis Licensing needs. We have been instrumental in enabling Clients to apply for a Cannabis Retail Licence. 

Cannabis retail licencing

What You Need To Know

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Vassos Law LLP is the most well equipped Full-Service Law Firm in Ontario to handle all of your Cannabis Licensing needs.

With the Provincial Government of Ontario having recently announced that they will begin issuing Cannabis Retail Licences for April 1st, 2019, Cannabis Licensing is a new and exciting field. Currently, all available information appears to indicate that the Cannabis Licensing Process is set to mimic the Regulatory Scheme employed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) with respect to Liquor and Gaming Licences. 

The Team at Vassos Law LLP has more than 50 years of combined experience in the Liquor Licensing Sector, having worked both with and for the AGCO for over three decades. We’ve helped thousands of Clients with their Liquor Licence applications in that time. We know what’s expected – and more importantly, we know what turns a good Application into a great one.

Our Team is in close contact with the AGCO as information continues to be released, in order to ensure that we remain proactive and prepared to meet all of our Clients’ needs as soon as the Application Process opens. 

In addition, the Firm has worked closely with Provincial Regulators in Alberta where the Cannabis Licensing Application process has already begun. In this respect, Vassos Law LLP has been instrumental in enabling Clients to apply for a Cannabis Retail Licence. 

Based on our experience in these areas, and the knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired over the years, we’ve determined what kind of information will be required in order to acquire a Licence in Ontario. We’re already begun the process of helping our Ontario-based Clients gather the information and create the Policies & Procedures they need – in order to ensure that their applications are among the first ones to be submitted, and also in order to ensure that they are among the strongest applications submitted. In addition, potential Applicants can rest assured that our dedicated Team will be available to help them with respect to all ancillary needs relating to their Applications. Whether it be finalizing Leases, obtaining Building Permits, applying for Business Licences, arranging financing, and drafting Shareholder Agreements, Vassos Law LLP is ready to be your go-to Firm. 

This wealth of experience within Ontario’s Regulatory Regime, combined with our success in other Provinces, means that Vassos Law LLP is the most well equipped Full-Service Law Firm in Ontario to handle all of your Cannabis Licensing needs. 

In the new legal landscape, applicants who stand any chance of success need to have the proper plans and strategies in place. 

Vassos Law LLP provides the following services:

  • Submitting and vigorously pursuing Applications for new Retail Cannabis Licences;

  • Creating strong, streamlined, and tailor-made Polices & Procedures for the promotion of Public Safety;

  • Providing Seminars to management and staff with respect to Management Policies, dealing with Inspectors and the Police, enforcement and occasional changes to relevant Legislations and Regulations;

  • Assisting with preliminary meetings with the AGCO, Public Interest and Special Interest Groups, Municipal Officials and law enforcement agencies prior to/after the submission of a Retain Cannabis Licence Application;

  • Dealing with Objections to Applications from the public or Municipalities;

  • Lease negotiation, including the preparation and negotiation of Offers to Lease, lease documents, amendments, & assisting with the exercise of options and conditions as contained in Leases.

  • Negotiating, assisting, amending, or otherwise providing advice with respect to Partnership Agreements, Shareholders' Agreements, Management Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements and Development Agreements;

  • Negotiations and dispute resolution with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, Resident’s Associations and law enforcement agencies;

  • Preparation and submission of requests for pilot projects and unique projects requiring special consideration under the Law;

  • Negotiations with Police and Municipal Officials with respect to the Licensing needs of an establishment;

  • Legal Representation during Public Interest Hearings & Pre-Hearings;

  • Legal Representation with respect to Provincial Offences & Municipal Infractions arising out of the Operation of an establishment; and

  • Appeals and Applications for Judicial Review before the Divisional Court and Court of Appeal.

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario should oversee cannabis sales. AGCO has the infrastructure and the experience, says lawyer Adam Vassos. For full story click here:


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