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Liquor License Matters

Vassos Law applies a team effort to all matters involving the food and beverage and entertainment service business sectors. The more than 50 year combined team experience in the liquor sector is unparalleled.

Adam M. Vassos has established himself as one of the leading authorities with respect to all Liquor Licence matters. Mr. Vassos’ clients include Multi-National and National Restaurant, Hotels, Brewers, Manufacturers of Alcohol, Distributors and Representative of Alcohol, Grocery Stores. Sports Stadiums, Canadian Universities, and Large, Medium and Small Food and Beverage Operators.

Mr. Richard Kulis, now senior counsel with Vassos Law, retired as the Deputy Director of Legal Services at the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and senior counsel of the former Liquor Licence Board of Ontario. For the clients of Vassos Law Mr. Kulis brings decades of experience drafting liquor licence laws and regulations, providing policy advice and interpretation on these laws, and the experience in litigation and disciplinary matters that comes from handling thousands of cases before hearings boards and appeal Courts.

Together Mr. Vassos and Mr. Kulis provide the clients of Vassos Law with unmatched experience and a dedication to a quality of service that uniquely stands out in the industry.

The lawyers at Vassos Law take pride in being able to achieve and surpass their clients’ expectations in a time efficient and cost effective manner. In the food and beverage industry time is money. It is therefore critical to choose a law firm that can provide you with the most knowledgeable legal advice available to best save time and money.

Vassos Law provides the following services:

  • Submit and vigorously pursue Applications for new Liquor Licences, Transfers of Licences, Increases in Capacity, Change or Alteration of Facilities, Renewal of Licences, WHS Licences and Extension of Hours Applications;
  • Dealing with Objections to Applications from the public or
  • Municipalities;
  • Applications for Special Occasion Permits and Caterers Endorsements;
  • All disciplinary matters relating to appearances before the Licence Appeal Tribunal or the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming;
  • Preparation and submission of requests for pilot projects and unique projects requiring special consideration under the Liquor Licence Act;
  • Assisting with preliminary meetings with the AGCO, public interest and special interest groups, municipal officials and law enforcement agencies prior to the submission of a Liquor Licence Application;
  • Negotiations and dispute resolution with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, resident’s associations and law enforcement agencies;
  • Negotiations with Police and Municipal Officials with respect to the Licensing needs of a new, existing or proposed establishment;
  • Applications for Removal of Conditions before the Licence Appeal Tribunal and the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming;
  • Public interest Hearings;
  • Pre Hearings;
  • Dealing with Provincial Offences and Municipal Infractions such as overcrowding, encumbering the street, fire regulations, smoking bylaw and noise bylaw; and
  • Providing seminars to management and staff with respect to alcohol management policies, dealing with liquor inspectors and the Police, risk based enforcement and changes to the Liquor Licence Act;
  • Appeals and Applications for Judicial Review before the Divisional Court and Court of Appeal.

Vassos Law believes that a proactive approach with respect to your alcohol management policy is the best method for ensuring that your business operates in accordance with the Liquor Licence Laws.

food & Beverage

In addition to assisting clients with their legal needs, Vassos Law provides a wide array of general business services for food and beverage companies. Whether it’s finding new venue locations for our clients, or helping you with procurement, product sourcing, or supplies and services, we’re here to help.

Without boots on the ground, business startups can be particularly difficult for international and national clients.  That’s why Vassos Law is committed to forging connections between our clients and industry leaders in the Food and Beverage Sector.  By introducing you to Architects, Contractors, Designers and Suppliers, and assisting you with any contract negotiations that may arise as a result thereof, our goal is to make your transition as simple and efficient as possible.

International Trade

In an integrated global market, international trade plays an increasingly important role in the business of many small, medium-sized and large companies. Businesses operating in international markets may find great opportunities but also face some unique challenges.

At Vassos Law we understand the complexities of international trade, and assist Canadian-based companies and individuals operating and exporting globally, as well as internationally-based companies who wish to do business in Canada by providing practical solutions to meet your business needs.

We provide advice involving trade and investment agreements including North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and CETA; on matters before the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) and have made submissions to Global Affairs Canada on Tariff Quota Allocations.

At Vassos Law we offer a wealth of government experience. Our legal counsel, Effie Triantafilopoulos has held key roles in the Canadian government as Chief of Staff to Ministers of Industry, Treasury Board and International Trade during the implementation of the Canada U.S. Free Trade Agreement. She also served on the Board of the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters for many years.

We will help you navigate through complex government regulations, legislative changes and red tape. We are committed to providing our clients with practical legal advice to help you achieve your desired business goals.

Provinicial Offenses/Bylaws

All Licensed establishments are subject to Municipal and Provincial legislation such as the Provincial Offenses Act, the Liquor License Act and the various City By-laws governing the operations of licensed establishments.

Vassos Law has extensive experience dealing with all levels of government. This knowledge and experience with both Provincial and Municipal Legislation affecting licensed establishments greatly enhances our ability to provide practical advice to our clients.

We provide the following services with respect to Provincial and Municipal matters:

  • Provincial Offense Infractions;
  • Liquor License infractions;
  • By-Law infractions;
  • Municipal Offenses and Summons;
  • Representation of clients before Municipal Tribunals and By-law Court;
  • Representation of clients with respect to Fire Marshall Act Infractions;
  • Making submissions to City Council regarding Municipal Bylaw issues;
  • Meeting and negotiation with Police and City officials in terms of existing and proposed establishments and change of use for existing establishments;
  • Assisting with rectification of existing infractions with various Municipal and Provincial regulators;
  • Negotiating on your behalf for the purpose of effecting a resolution of outstanding charges or infractions;
  • Municipal License Applications;
  • Business Licenses;


In business, as in any area of law, clients are looking for results. In today’s competitive environment lawyers need to understand their clients’ needs and know how to achieve results.

Vassos Law is dedicated to providing our clients with the individual assistance that they need and advice that they require. Our clients include National and International Corporations, Hotels, Sports Stadiums, Landlords, Tenants, Investors, Developers and Various Business Organizations.

Vassos Law provides advice and assistance with respect to the following Corporate/ Commercial services:

  • Shareholders Agreements;
  • Partnership Agreements;
  • Institutional Financing;
  • Commercial and Industrial Lease Negotiations;
  • Patents and Trademarks and other Intellectual Property matters;
  • Franchising;
  • Incorporation and Business Name Registrations;
  • Share Purchase Agreements;
  • Bulk Sales Act Purchases;


The Canadian Immigration and Temporary work permit process has become increasingly complex. Now more than ever, it is important to have the guidance of experienced lawyers who are familiar with Canadian immigration laws and process. We offer legal advice and solutions to assist individual clients and companies in navigating their way through immigration laws and regulations.

At Vassos Law we will craft legal solutions to address both individuals and family goals, and develop strategies to assist companies with the mobility of their skilled personnel including managers and other professionals. We will assist business such as the Hospitality sector with the processing and expediting foreign trained skilled employees.

Our office offers a full range of immigration services including but not limited to:

Business Immigration

  • Arranged Employment
  • Business Visitor
  • Intra – company Transfers
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • NAFTA Professionals


  • Eligibility
  • Citizens Born Abroad

Permanent Residence

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Caregiver Program
  • Express Entry
  • Family Class
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Skilled Workers and Trades

Temporary Residence

  • International Experience Canada
  • Temporary Resident
  • Study Permit
  • Work Permit

Real Estate/Leasing

Vassos Law understands clients’ real estate needs. Whether you are purchasing or selling a home or business, our firm will guide you every step of the way and answer all your questions.

Letizia J. Filippazzo leads our Real Estate division and appreciates that clients require consistent, organized and knowledgeable legal advice.

Our services range from electronic title searches, dealing with title insurance companies, acting for purchasers, lenders and vendors.

We can assist you with all of your Real Estate/Leasing needs as follows:

  • Acting on behalf of purchasers with respect to real estate purchases;
  • Acting on behalf of vendors with respect to the sale of real estate including assisting with the discharge of mortgages, constructions leans and work orders registered against title;
  • Acquisition, development and sub division of land and the subsequent sale of residential homes;
  • The development of residential condominiums;
  • Providing advice and negotiation with respect to real estate agreements, including agreements of purchase and sale, partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, management agreements, joint venture agreements and development agreements;
  • Assisting litigation counsel in dealing with any real estate litigation matters which may arise;
  • Purchase and sale of specialty properties;
  • Commercial lease negotiation, including preparation and negotiation of offers to lease, lease documents, renewals, amendments and assisting with the exercise of options as contained in leases including rights of first refusal;


Before you shop your next project, it’s essential that you find a Law Firm that understands the intricacies of intellectual property and copyright law.

Vassos Law works with a number of producers, writers, and creators in the Television and Film industry — assisting them with the development of their projects and the protection of their copyrights.  Our goal is to provide real results at a reasonable price.  Regardless of your line of work, the team at Vassos Law can help you to protect your intellectual property, and assist you with Letters of Intent, Shopping Agreements, and Co-Venture Agreements.